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Earn survey rewards like Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes just for sharing your opinion in simple surveys and local mission-based activities with QuickThoughts!

Paid surveys let you earn real rewards like Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes just for giving your opinion! Surveys range from quick polls, comprehensive survey questionnaires, opinion activities like secret shopper surveys and local missions. Paid surveys can offer up to three dollars per survey! Redeem rewards fast and in $10 increments!

Your opinion counts! Start completing surveys, have fun, share your thoughts and earn rewards like free gift cards!

QuickThoughts Features:

Paid Surveys From Over 1000 Sources
• Earn rewards for your opinion
• Paid Surveys for Everyone - Surveys are available on dozens of topics for almost every audience
• Surveys on the Go – Surveys are always available on your Android phone no matter where you are
• Survey rewards from short surveys that want your valued opinions
• Earn Gift Cards - Earn rewards for sharing your opinion in polls and surveys
• Surveys For Cash Posted Regularly – Earn free gift cards from Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes when you complete surveys

Free Rewards - Surveys Award Up To $3 Each
• Rewards for Surveys - Your opinion earns you up to $3 by completing surveys, and helps our partners better their services and products
• Instant Rewards – Get rewards immediately following completion of each QuickThoughts survey

Surveys for Rewards - Rewards optimized for both quick and long surveys
• Surveys of All Types - Surveys range from quick to in-depth opinion polls
• Free Rewards - Earn rewards by completing surveys on your phone during your free time

Earn Gift Cards - Redeem for Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes
• Free Gift Cards – Complete surveys for money that you can redeem for Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes
• Redeem Rewards - After earning $10, you’ll be able to redeem for your Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes
• Offer Rewards – Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes offers millions of items in over 25 categories – shop on your device with your Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes

Surveys on the Go – Participate in secret shopper polls, product tests, journals and diaries
• Surveys For Money Anywhere – Use GPS to find in-store surveys near you
• Get rewards by helping local businesses – Earn rewards by participating and giving feedback on local stores
• Secret Shopper Responses – Local stores want to hear your valued opinion! Share your thoughts and help them improve

QuickThoughts offers rewards like free gift cards just for taking fast, simple surveys, opinion polls and questionnaires! Surveys are available on all your favorite topics, including in-store secret shopper polls or at home diaries on unreleased products! Earn rewards to redeem a free Amazon.com* Gift Card Claim Codes with QuickThoughts!

Download QuickThoughts and share your opinion today!

Signing up is easy and safe. Must be 18 or over. Not available in all countries.

Get started sharing your opinion today!

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